Thoughtful sourcing, down to the last detail.


We only partner with mills that we know can deliver durable, beautiful textiles that fit our brand. Each fabric is carefully selected to create a certain look that will stand the test of time.


This is an on-going monumental task that we're addressing head on. Many brands will tell you where their fabrics are from; however, few of them actually disclose where the fiber comes from and the different stages in the fabric's production process. We have limited our selection to fabrics that are made in their country of origin from A to Z.


While we are not a sustainable brand, we use as many sustainable fabrics as possible throughout our collection. Presently, our organic cotton twill, denim and wool are all sustainable fabrics.

Our Fabrics

By merging responsibly sourced fabrics and producing exclusively in Los Angeles, we create with a clean style, and conscience.

Our Process

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