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100% Wool

Exterior Fabric Origin: England

Arguably the first plaid ever woven, shepherd check is a classic wool pattern. Originally made from the un-dyed yarn from black and white sheep, this fabric features a sophisticated print that will keep you warm and never go out of style.

All of our British wools come from the same 200 year old mill in the heart of Yorkshire, England. This facility is one of the last remaining fully vertical British woolen mills. Wool is a 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable fabric. Our mill is committed to utilizing sustainable practices throughout their own production facility. Below are some of the initiatives that they have put in place and are constantly expanding.

  • Zero waste practices that recapture loose fibers.

  • Investing in new, more efficient, electric, machinery.

  • 10% of the mill is powered by solar energy.

Additionally, the mill has implemented a strict, third-party audited, sourcing process to oversee their farms. The farms are checked to adhere to the following principles.

  • All wool fiber is fully traceable

  • All sheep are free range and pasture fed

  • All farmers adhere to a strict animal welfare code guaranteeing the five animal freedoms:

    • Freedom from hunger and thirst

    • Freedom from discomfort

    • Freedom from fear and distress

    • Freedom to express normal behavior

100% Polyester

Interior Fabric Origin: Italy

In order to create a warm, durable and comfortable feel to our latest outerwear we've lined these pieces with a quilted fabric. This fabric looks as good as it functions and it is made in Italy from start to finish.

100% Wool

Interior + Collar Fabric Origin: United States

We are incredibly proud to use a sustainable wool fabric that is American grown and made. The fiber comes from Shaniko Wool Company headquartered in Oregon. Working with heritage ranching operations in the American west, Shaniko Wool is the only wool in North America certified to the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS). It provides the following benefits:

  • Full traceability

  • Independent, third-party audits of land management

  • Independent, third-party audits of animal husbandry practices

  • Independent, third-party audits of worker welfare

In addition to using sustainable, domestic fiber to make this fabric, we partnered with a 6th generation mill in the Northeastern United States to knit the finished fabric. We've kept this process fully domestic and will put this textile up against any other.

Sustainable Made in USA Wool Liner

Sustainable Made in USA Wool Shawl Collar

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