Sustainable Denim

A sustainable, domestically produced denim. Learn about where this comes from and how it's made.

e3 Cotton - What is it?

We buy our denim from a startup mill based in the southeastern United States. This mill exclusively uses e3 sustainable cotton that is grown in the backyard of their weaving facility (see adjacent image of their cotton crop).

e3 sustainable cotton is fully traceable from the original seeds to the farm growing the cotton. In order to grow e3 cotton farmers must go through independent auditors to certify various measures reducing environmental impact. These include: water efficiency, pesticide management, soil and fertility management, greenhouse gas reduction and worker healthy and safety.

The Draper X3 Loom

All of our denim is made on Draper X3 Looms which are extremely difficult to come by. The mill we've partnered with bought up some of the last remaining machines which create a classic American made fabric.

The Raw Denim

This is what our e3 sustainable cotton denim looks like in its raw form when we receive it. Selvedge denim comes in extremely narrow fabric rolls because of the looms they are woven on. This means we have to use more fabric to make each pair of denim, significantly increasing our cost. However, we feel that there are so many benefits to using this fabric, including incredible quality and fit.

After the denim is cut and sewn, it enters our wash process.

The Denim After Our Wash Process

For our first pair of jeans, we put our denim through a very specific wash process in order to achieve a classic 50s look. Our jeans are cut, sewn, and washed in Los Angeles. They are finished with Italian made buttons and rivets and a USA made YKK zipper.

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