Texas Organic Cotton Twill

A fabric that is completely traceable, sustainable and made in the USA from the original fiber to the finished product.

Why Organic Cotton

The organic cotton we use is planted, grown and harvested in Texas. Each bale of cotton is 100% traceable and certified by the United States Department of Agriculture as well as the Global Organic Textile Standard.

These farms utilize a variety of sustainable practices to preserve their land for future generations. Many of the facilities are run on wind power and do not use traditional fossil fuel energy. The farmers meticulously plan their planting schedule to account for existing moisture in the ground and weather forecasts. Since water usage is closely monitored, each farm is heavily dependent on rainfall to irrigate the cotton plants.

After the cotton has been harvested, the bales are sent to the cotton gin to separate the seeds from usable cotton.

Spun and Woven in the Carolinas

After the cotton is harvested it is then spun and woven. Both of these processes are done in North and South Carolina, making this textile domestic from start to finish.

The Completed Fabric

Ready for wash/dyeing.

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