Our Process

Start to finish in LA. No exceptions.

The Knitting Process

Our t-shirts, sweatshirts and sweatpants fabrics are knit for us in Downtown Los Angeles. All of our products use USA made yarn. Our knits are created in a state of the art facility that closely monitors for any inconsistencies and creates incredibly soft and strong fabrics.


Production begins with sending our fabric to the cutting service. The fabric is laid out across warehouse-long cutting tables. The marker for the style is then carefully placed on top of the fabric. From there, the cutters carefully slice through each piece of the pattern until complete. Finally, the individual parts are combined into bundles and sent to sewing.


We work with different contractors throughout downtown Los Angeles and Vernon to sew our garments. Each factory is certified through the California Labor Department, guaranteeing minimum wages and worker health/safety.

In addition to sewing our garments, our contractors are responsible for applying our Italian made buttons and USA made woven labels, hang tags, and care labels. We require our factories to exclusively use USA made thread to ensure stronger construction on each garment.

Wash & Dye

Working with PFD (prepared for dyeing fabrics) can be tricky. It requires constant tests and tweaking to get the shrinkage from the dyes just right. However, going through this process has enabled us to use many domestically made fabrics that normally wouldn't be possible. Also, it lets us execute exactly the color and look we want to create for each style we dye.

Depending on the style, our pieces go through different dyeing processes. Each method is carefully selected to achieve a certain look - the YONY logo tees are pigment dyes whereas the Cropped Creased Pants are reactive. Each accomplishes something different, but always unique to our brand.

Each fabric, meticulously sourced.

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